Thursday, June 4, 2015

12-18 Months

Okay. It's been six months. I realize that I missed a lot of updates, but in my defense, it's really hard to stop playing with Claire long enough to post pictures. :)

Just look at how cute we are!

I love this headband! Claire loves taking it off and putting it on Tiger.

Take me to your leader!

Scrunchie face!

The only time Claire is EVER still. EVER.

I love that she has enough hair for ponytails now!

I can't believe how grown up she is! 

Claire was very annoyed that I didn't want to wear my sneakers to church this morning!

Kyle came to visit about a month ago. Claire absolutely adored playing with him. He's so good with kids! He's gonna be a great daddy someday. :)

I can't tell which kid is having more fun!


Claire likes kissing baby pictures of herself. She'll gasp and yell, "baby!" and then run to kiss herself!

This is what happens when Daddy gives Claire a bath! Rock n Roll baby!

This is Claire's trampoline for when the crazy Utah weather messes up our outdoor plans!

In April we went to AZ to visit family. Claire liked her swimsuit, but definitely did NOT like the pool. 
How cute is this swimsuit?!

We had such a great time visiting with family!

Claire loves playing with stickers! I love going to restaurants that give her stickers because it keeps her occupied long enough for me to eat!

These pictures are in reverse order BTW. I probably should have mentioned that...

Trying to figure out why she's so pretty. :)  Psst! It's because of your mommy!

One time we got home from work/daycare and while I was in the bathroom, Claire got my phone out of my purse and started taking selfies. This was the cutest one. :)

Happy girl! Lovin her books!

She can't even handle how gorgeous she is.... Like, for real....

Helping daddy fix the gate!  Those screwdrivers went directly into the mouth. Sigh.

This child has such a sweet personality. I swear, her soul is made of pure sunshine!

I think she has a good mix of my smile and Nick's smile.

Ugh. Paparazzi...

A celebrity in the making!

I can't handle how fabulous I am, guys!

Waving to her (imaginary) fans!

I love this picture because I took it right as she said "mama!" :) :) :) My favorite name.

The swings are so much fun!

I take it back- the whole PARK is so much fun!

Family reading time!

Chillin' in the car with 90,000 stuffed animals!

All bundled up to play in the snow at grandma and grandpa Denney's house! I'm concerned by how much she enjoyed the snow...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the last six months of Claire's cheerful, sweet, energetic life!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

One year

It's been one year, guys.
One. YEAR.

That's 365 days, not to mention 365 nights.  About 250 of those nights included at least one nighttime feeding.  The other 115 or so ended in brief panic that Claire wasn't okay.  That something unimaginable had happened to her in the middle of the night, followed by relief and feeling silly for panicking.

One year.  525,600 minutes.  (Or at least that's what the song says, I honestly didn't feel like doing the math)  That's a million smiles, a hundred thousand giggles, thousands of bottles and hundreds of messy diapers.

At times, this year has felt interminable, at times it has felt like the blink of an eye.  There were nights in those first few sleepless months that I couldn't see how we would make it to a year and now, looking back, it feels like it has gone too fast.

Claire has grown from a little 5 1/2 pound, wrinkled, skinny, bald, and absolutely perfect newborn, to an energetic, intelligent, happy toddler who mimics everything her mommy and daddy say or do.

When Claire was born, everything changed.  My whole life changed. At times it was awesome, at times it was miserable, but I wouldn't trade those times (awesome or miserable) for anything.  Claire has turned my marriage into a family.  She taught me that I am stronger than I thought possible.  She has brought Nick and I closer together and brought so much joy to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  Claire has given me so many heart-stopping smiles that I don't know how to repay her.  I try to be the best mother that I can, but I fall so far short of what she deserves.

But enough with the mushy stuff.  Bring on the pictures!

Because Pinterest

She actually left this hat on for about 25 seconds, which is about 24.5 seconds longer than I predicted.

Grandma and Grandpa got Claire a Star Wars book!  My poor child is going to grow up thinking that most adults are nerds.

She liked playing with the noisy tissue paper.  Actually- she likes playing with most noisy things.  Also making noise.  Especially during quiet moments like her second-cousin's baptism.  Sigh.

Kyle and Lex got her this awesome outfit.  Freaking awesome.  Having an uncle like Kyle will ensure that Claire is slightly more well-rounded.

Grinnin' like a fool!

It's mah par-tay and I'll cry if I want to!  I would cry too if 8 tone-deaf adults tried to sing to me.

So.  Funny story.  Did you know that some babies who are not allergic to eggs and who have eaten eggs on several occasions without any adverse reaction can still be very allergic to raw egg whites?  Did you further know that some bakeries put egg whites in their frosting?  Knowledge!  

Claire is okay now, but she had a mean-looking skin rash wherever the frosting touched her arms or face.  Thank goodness she's such a neat freak and didn't go to town on the cupcake like some babies do!

All clean!  Such a big girl!

The back of her birthday outfit says, "Cutest little bum in town!"  because I'm weird like that.

Story time with Grandpa!  She still loves pulling things out of his pocket.

Grandma teaching Claire Pat-a-Cake.  She's almost got the whole arm-rolling thing down.  Unfortunately she seems to have inherited my sense of coordination.

Happy birthday my sweet girl!  It's been a crazy, stressful, wonderful year and I can't wait for more!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Family Photos

A few weeks ago we decided that we needed some updated family photos.  The really good kind that we could hang on the wall- not the kind I take with my phone.  :)  I called up the amazing and talented Alaina. ( ) We wanted to do fall pictures but some of the local foliage did not want to cooperate!  Stupid leaves!  Why can't you die at a time that is convenient for me? :P  

When I was planning the clothes for our photoshoot, I was trying to prepare for cool weather, but since it was unseasonably warm, we were HOT. 

Claire wasn't too sure about Alaina at first...

But Alaina is a pro!  She had tons of tricks to get Claire smiling!

Claire is like, "It's cool guys, I got this!"

"Uh-oh... Maybe I don't got this!"

She's getting SO BIG!

Happy girl, happy family!

Claire was very interested in the water under the bridge

Eww!  Mommy and Daddy kissing!

Yay!  Everybody looking at the camera AND smiling!  :) :) :)

I LOVE this one. :)  

Claire was trying to stand up on our legs.  Not very sturdy!

Fly away baby!!

Love her lil bloomers!

She is just too cute walking around in her little boots!

Daddy was trying to get Claire to sit down in the leaves, and she was NOT interested.  

I'm not putting my leg down on those leaves!  They're pokey!

Beautiful baby girl!

Such an angel!!!

Kicking her boots off.  I had to dive to keep it from being kicked off the bridge into the water!  Little stinker!

I'm pretty sure Nick was over there making faces at Claire to get her to smile

Even the very nice cameras can't deal with Claire's excited hand-flapping!

Showing off her chompers!

Ahh!  No kisses!

I'm a little bit proud of that headband.  I made it myself.  :)

Possibly the one going on the wall!

A couple shots of just Mommy and Daddy...

Every time I look at Nick, my heart goes pitter-patter

I love this one too!

How cute are her little crossed ankles?!

My two favorite people in the whole world!

My sweet little girl!  I love her SO much, but her expression is like, "meh".  Probably because I give her too many kisses!

I love this crazy, sweet, adorable, little family of mine.  :)